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BabyClean South West Sydney
Rebecca Maher

Since well before I even had children, baby seats were a passion of mine. When the time came for me to install a seat for my own baby, my pregnant belly kept getting in the way. So I went searching for someone who really knew what they were doing. After all, this was the safety of my baby I was trusting them with.

After several months, as my baby grew, I couldn't believe how icky the car seat and pram got! From baby mess to smeared food, unless I wiped it immediately, and even then sometimes it wouldn't come clean. My precious bundle was sitting in a very grotty environment - which did not make this mumma happy!


So, after searching high and low for a pram and car seat business that would do an incredible job, I decided to start my own business, and voila! BabyClean South West Sydney was birthed!

Being a mother, I understand how busy life can get. We offer local pick up and delivery, along with providing hire prams and seats available for you to use while yours are being cleaned.  


We work closely with BabySafe Liverpool, this enables us to professionally install child restraints, inspect your pram or seat, and arrange repairs if needed. Providing you with a comprehensive service, all without ever needing to leave your house. It also means we know how to correctly and safely clean your baby seat and pram. Following all manufactures recommendations for cleaning, knowing how to take everything apart, and most importantly, how to put it all back together the correct way, keeping your baby safe.

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