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BabyClean South West Sydney

Child restraints (capsules, car seats and prams) and child safety have always been a passion of mine, even before having children.  

When we had our first child, almost eight years ago now, we quickly realised how messy children can be (no surprises right?!) and especially their capsules, car seats and prams.  


After an extensive local search to find someone that could clean our capsules, car seats and prams to a standard that would keep both us and the kids happy (we didn't find one) BabyClean South West Sydney was born (no pun intended)!

Being parents we understand how busy life can get. We offer local pick up and delivery for your capsules, car seats and prams. Did you know we also hire capsules, car seats and prams so you and your little ones never have to be without? 


Working closely with BabySafe Liverpool enables us to professionally install child restraints (capsules & car seats), and also arrange repairs if needed.


All of this without having to leave home!  


We follow all manufacture guidelines and recommendations for cleaning and detailing. This ensures all cleaning work is completed to the highest possible standards but most importantly your Bub will be safe!

BabyClean Rebecca Maher Liverpool

Turtle (age 1) and Bec in 2020.

BabyClean Babies Boys Toddler Brothers

Turtle (new born) and Elijah (age 3) in 2019.

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