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Baby Seat Cleaning Liverpool
Child Seat Cleaning Liverpool
Booster Seat Cleaning Liverpool

The Express Clean entails a brush off of all loose mess, removal of fabrics from the shell, we then brush off the shell, remove all loose crumbs and give it a wipe over. The fabrics and inserts are then cleaned by hand, and the harness is given a wipe over.


With the Deluxe Clean we go much further than the Express Clean. The fabrics and inserts are commercially laundered, and, if needed, cleaned again so any soiling is removed. The shell is then thoroughly cleaned by hand to remove any liquids that have been spilled, or crumbs that have made their way into the small gaps in your seat's shell. The harness is then wiped over, many many times, to remove any soiling.


Materials and inserts are then air-dried, assessed and delivered back to you fresh and clean.

Book your Capsule or Seat Clean

We can also professionally install your seat once it has been cleaned. We know it is not always possible to be without your seat while it is being cleaned, so we also have loan seats, which we can install for you. Taking the stress out of the process for you.

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