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Car seats

Baby Seat Cleaning Liverpool
Child Seat Cleaning Liverpool
Booster Seat Cleaning Liverpool

Here at BabyClean South West Sydney, your baby car seat gets a complete, safe and detailed clean.

All the soft fabrics are removed from the shell.

We hand wash and scrub the fabrics until we are satisfied with the results.

The fabrics are then air dried and quality checked to ensure they are clean. 

Any loose threads and pilling are removed where possible. 

We take special care with the harness.

Manufacturers only allow the use of water and a microfibre cloth for cleaning the harness,

as anything else could cause damage as these are a safety item, and we always put safety first. 

We inspect the harness for any signs of damage, clean them and allow them to completely air dry.


The shell is also cleaned. 

Most manufacturers do not allow the use of harsh chemicals to clean the shell. 

We brush off any loose particles, and using a microfibre cloth and water,

thoroughly wipe over all parts of the shell until its clean.

 Reassembly and quality control. 

Once all the parts are clean and dry we reassemble your seat.

We then test the functions of the seat to ensure everything is in working order. 

Your seat is then returned to you ready to go. 

Capsule or Seat Clean
$55 each

As we work closely with BabySafe Liverpool, we can also assist with arranging professional installation of your seat once it has been cleaned. We know it is not always possible to be without your seat while it is being cleaned, so we also have loan seats, which we can also arrange to be installed for you. Taking the stress out of the process for you.

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