Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to clean a seat?

We usually like to have your seat for 2-3 days.

Why does it take so long to just clean a seat?

Here at BabyClean we dont just throw the seat cover in a washing machine and put it back on. We brush off all loose mess, remove all fabrics from the shell, we then brush off the shell, remove all loose dirt and crumbs, give it a thorough wipe over and santize (this is where we can get rid of any liquids that have been spilt and made their way into the small gaps in your seats shell). We follow the manufactures care instructions on for the fabrics. Since we cant just put them into a dryer, everything is air dried (so depending on the weather, this can take a while). Once everything is dry and clean, its all reassembled and ready to return to you fresh and clean.

I cant be without my seat for that long, what can I do?

We get it, when I clean my own kids seats, they take a few days, and in the meantime there is still daycare drop offs and car trips that have to be done. We cant just sit at home. So, we have loan seats available. These seats are cleaned between each use, and since we are licenced installers we can put it in your car for you, so you can rest assured everything has been taken care of.

How long does it take to clean a pram?

We usually like to have them for 3-4 days.

Why does it take so long to clean a pram?

We dont just wipe it over, although baby wipes can clean almost any mess, they are not going to cut it here. We brush of the materials and frame. We take off all the materials from the frame and we even take off the wheels. The frame gets a wash and detail, bringing life back to the plastics. The wheels are cleaned and detailed, we can usually undo them and remove any trapped hair and dirt (which can make it hard to push). We then stain treat and clean the materials and harness. This is done by hand, since most of the prams are not going to fit in a washing machine. Once everythings has been cleaned, its time to dry. And this can take a while. After drying, we put it all back together so its ready for your next adventure.

I cant be without my pram for that long, what can I do?

Well, you can use a baby carrier, if you have one. Or if your child is older, get them to walk everywhere (I can hear my kids whining about that just now). Otherwise, we do have prams available for loan. Singles and doubles, even strollers. All easy to use and compact. Cleaned in between each use. Hassle and trouble free.

Isn't this something I could just do myself?

Yes and no. Here at BabyClean we have years of experiance with many different types of seats and prams. We know how to get them clean the safe way (did you know you an only use water on the harness straps of your car seat?). We take the time and clean the entire seat and pram frame, ensuring the best resuts, hepling your seats and pram stay like new for longer.