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Baby Pram Capsule Sydney
Baby Clean Stoller Cleaning Liverpool
Baby Pram Cleaning Liverpool

Here at BabyClean South West Sydney, your pram gets a fully detailed clean.

All the soft fabrics and belts are removed from the frame.

We soak, stain treat, hand wash and scrub them until we are satisfied with the results. 

The fabrics and belts are then air dried and quality checked to ensure they are clean. 

Any loose threads and pilling are removed where possible. 


The frame is washed and detailed. 

We scrub and wash and scrub and wash again so all parts of the frame are clean.

Any plastic parts are treated to maintain their longevity. 


Don't forget the wheels.

We thoroughly scrub and wash the wheels, removing dirt from the treads.

The outside rubber edges are treated to maintain longevity.

Any hair/dirt/dust/grime is removed from the wheel axles where possible. 

 Reassembly and quality control. 

Once all the parts are clean and dry we reassemble your pram.

We then test the functions of the pram to ensure everything is in working order. 

Your pram is then returned to you ready to roll. 

Book your Pram Clean
$115 (single) $165 (double)
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