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BabyClean Price List

What is the difference between an Express and Deluxe Clean?

Think of the Express Clean, as a brief but thorough 'once-over'. Your capsule, car seat or pram will come back visibly clean, free of soiling and in good condition to keep bub safe, comfortable and happy.


The Deluxe Clean goes that one step further in that we dis-assemble (as much as is practical) the capsule, car seat or pram. Any materials or inserts are then commercially laundered, including stain treatment (where necessary) and the frame and accessories fully detailed.


Also, timeframes vary significantly. An Express Clean can be turned around in 3-4 business days, whereas a Deluxe Clean generally takes between 10-15 business days.

BabySafe Liverpool Price List
BabySafe Liverpool
Child Restraint Fittings

We are pleased to offer customers the choice of mobile fitting services , or, you can choose to come and see us at our new fixed location, The George Centre at Gledswood Hills.

Explore our exceptional collection of premium accessories, available to mobile and fixed location customers.

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