Top tether strap suitable for your existing for your existing Safe n Sound or Steelcraft Baby capsules.


This upper anchorage strap is suitable for your existing Safe n Sound Unity and the Steelcraft Baby Capsules (both the Strider models and Orion Capsule).


This upper anchorage strap is perfect for those who have misplaced their original tether strap, or who would like another tether strap for a second vehicle.


The strap consists of a hook on one end which connects to the anchor point of the vehicle and the other end is a loop which loops around the baby capsule.


Also features an adjustment mechanism for loosening and tightening the strap.


It comes with its own strap to keep the tether connected to your capsule base.


**Tether Strap Only. Does not include Infant Carrier**

Britax Capsule Top Tether Loop